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Reporting a Safeguarding Concern

If you are concerned that a child or an adult is, or may be, at risk of abuse this should be reported immediately (and certainly within 24 hours).

If it is a non-emergency situation you can report this to the Parish Safeguarding Officer (details below) who will then contact the Diocese Safeguarding Officer and ensure that we respond appropriately.  We will do everything we can to support the person at risk.

If it is an emergency situation, and you believe the child or adult is in immediate danger of significant harm, then you should contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser (details below) or call 999 before reporting it to the the Parish Safeguarding Officer.

Safeguarding in the parish is everyone’s responsibility but if you have any concerns, please contact the Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Liz Smith:


Liz Smith.jpg

You can contact Liz confidentially by

calling 020 8337 0986 or


If you are in any doubt or in an emergency, you should contact


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser:

Jackie Broadfoot
07918 559387


Or phone 999

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