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safeguarding in our parish activities

Safeguarding in our Children and Youth groups


Throughout the work in our children’s groups we adhere to strict guidelines in order to ensure the children and youth in our care are kept safe and are treated equally and with awareness of individual needs.  This starts with the recruitment of volunteers for our children’s groups (all our children’s volunteers have a DBS check), and continues within the organisation of the groups.  All our volunteers receive safeguarding training, in order to ensure they are clear on the church’s expectations in their roles, how they are to act with the children and what to do if they have concerns. 

Safeguarding Adults


We understand that adults sometimes need extra support and we work with many who are vulnerable due to their circumstances, their age or their health. Our Pastoral Assistant team, who all have a full DBS check and have taken the Diocese safeguarding training courses, visit and support many in our congregation for whom a friendly face and home assistance is helpful.



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